6th Year of the Jamboree on the Air @ TK

For the past six years I have had the honor of being the Co-Chair of the Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) event at the Tanah Keeta Scout Reservation in Tequesta, Florida. JOTA is the largest Scouting event in the world using amateur radio to link Scouts and hams around the world. For 61 years this event occurs on the third week of October. This years event was the best yet and continues to be one of the best events in the Gulf Stream Council, Boy Scouts of America (I do have some bias though). Every year it continues to grow and this year we had 225 scouts and scouters on the ground, working the radios, and working on advancements for their path to Eagle. But no one can do it alone, I want to thank the men and women who had the faith in our event and supported it by volunteering to be a part of it. The awesome staff included, Bruce Ratoff, Craig Dufresne, Neal Grabasch, Alain Rioux, Frank Schwartz, Peter Boffa, John Cole, Jeff Ronner, Jeff Stahl, Willem (Sjaak) van Dam, John Quarquesso, Jerry Zaza, James Locklair, Christina Wilson. Thank you to our Ranger Steve Steinmetz. Lastly a big thank you to Amanda Pantone, and Michael McLoughlin for the council stuff. Next year we plan on growing this event even bigger. hashtagradio hashtagboyscouts



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