It is done… Sort of

It took me a little while to write this as it has been a hectic month. On December 15, 2017 I was conferred, with Cum Laude Honors, my Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering from Florida Atlantic University. As promised, I looked like a pimped out hood rat with all of the cords and accolades that I have earned over the years at FAU. I wore the True Blue cord, the service cord, the honors cords, the Tau Beta Pi cords and stole, and the ASCE stole. I was also awarded the Facility Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement from the College of Engineering. I have decided to continue my education by entering the Bachelors to Masters program at FAU. So I am not done yet. I keep teasing my adoring wife that I will pursue my Doctorate at UM when I am done, and her response is, “Umm… No…”

As well as my educational pursuits, We have been busy with the Kids and the Hitchiti Dancers. They have just completed another successful years of performances at the South Florida Fair, and we are now putting the final touches on the Florida Indian Hobbyist Association Powwow in March.

This will be a busy time but in the end everything will go well.




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