2022 Update

As one can tell from these posts I don’t get on here as much as I probably should. The last few years have been interesting to say the least. In 2021, I lost my father. In 2022, I bought two new cars within a couple of months of each other. In October I returned to JOTA to accept the Scouting Award for Amateur Radio. I also became more active in the Knights of Columbus and are currently the District Deputy for District 65. I have added a calendar to this site to keep folks updated. I will try to be more active but life seems to get in the way.


6th Year of the Jamboree on the Air @ TK

For the past six years I have had the honor of being the Co-Chair of the Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) event at the Tanah Keeta Scout Reservation in Tequesta, Florida. JOTA is the largest Scouting event in the world using amateur radio to link Scouts and hams around the world. For 61 years this event occurs on the third week of October. This years event was the best yet and continues to be one of the best events in the Gulf Stream Council, Boy Scouts of America (I do have some bias though). Every year it continues to grow and this year we had 225 scouts and scouters on the ground, working the radios, and working on advancements for their path to Eagle. But no one can do it alone, I want to thank the men and women who had the faith in our event and supported it by volunteering to be a part of it. The awesome staff included, Bruce Ratoff, Craig Dufresne, Neal Grabasch, Alain Rioux, Frank Schwartz, Peter Boffa, John Cole, Jeff Ronner, Jeff Stahl, Willem (Sjaak) van Dam, John Quarquesso, Jerry Zaza, James Locklair, Christina Wilson. Thank you to our Ranger Steve Steinmetz. Lastly a big thank you to Amanda Pantone, and Michael McLoughlin for the council stuff. Next year we plan on growing this event even bigger. hashtagradio hashtagboyscouts


It is done… Sort of

It took me a little while to write this as it has been a hectic month. On December 15, 2017 I was conferred, with Cum Laude Honors, my Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering from Florida Atlantic University. As promised, I looked like a pimped out hood rat with all of the cords and accolades that I have earned over the years at FAU. I wore the True Blue cord, the service cord, the honors cords, the Tau Beta Pi cords and stole, and the ASCE stole. I was also awarded the Facility Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement from the College of Engineering. I have decided to continue my education by entering the Bachelors to Masters program at FAU. So I am not done yet. I keep teasing my adoring wife that I will pursue my Doctorate at UM when I am done, and her response is, “Umm… No…”

As well as my educational pursuits, We have been busy with the Kids and the Hitchiti Dancers. They have just completed another successful years of performances at the South Florida Fair, and we are now putting the final touches on the Florida Indian Hobbyist Association Powwow in March.

This will be a busy time but in the end everything will go well.



Almost Time to Graduate

It is now November, the leaves are turning and the temperature is dropping. Who am I kidding, I live in Florida and the only time the leave change is about a week after a hurricane blows through. But the one thing that is happening it I am almost done with my Bachelors degree from Florida Atlantic University. I passed my Fundamentals of Engineering exam on August 26, and the State has already sent me my Engineering Intern license. After 8 long years I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I have just over a month and I will be walking across that stage with a degree in civil engineering. So many people in my past life told me I would never graduate from college. Allow me to tell you they were wrong. To those who tell themselves they could never do it, they don’t have time, or they aren’t smart enough. I say to you that you can do what ever you set you goals for. If I can do it, anyone can do it, you just have to work for it. Nothing in this world is for free and nor should it be. Anything worth having requires you to work for it. So until next time, go for your goals and don’t let anyone stand in your way… and GO OWLS!!!!

Its a new year time to reflect

Today is the day before New Years Eve!!! As we prepare to embark on a new and exciting 2017, let us take a look at the life and time of me in 2016.

We made it through another year of school. I passed 9 classes this year and only have one year left until I have a Bachelors in Science in Civil Engineering. The year has been hard, spending most of my free time studying and what I can do around the house.

This year has also been about letting go. For the past 12 years I have served in some capacity in commissioner service in the Gulf Stream Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Starting as a Roundtable Commissioner, working up to District Commissioner, and ending at Assistant Council Commissioner; I finally had to walk away. I worked with many great leaders and great people to help them make the units they served better for their youth. The time I spent in this service was to great. It was affecting my family and school life and could not do it anymore.

This year has also been about growing. Jonathan turned 18 this year and has grown up to be an adult. His mother and I have done what we can and at this point all we can do is offer him guidance. Much like Mark did the year before, it is time for them to take all that we taught them and put it into practice and hope they dont squander the opportunities that have been presented to them. Jadelyn is growing up so fast, in another 3 years she will be 18 and off to college. She is the last one at home and we are trying to instill in her the importance of learning everyday.

The year was about new ventures. Kristen started he Lu La Roe consultation business and is doing well. She puts in a lot of hours but in the end it is all worth it. She seems to be enjoying herself and the friends she has and has made because of it.

2017 promises to be an exciting year for all of us. I will be in the last year of my schooling which will be the most time consuming. My design class isn’t difficult it just occupies a lot of time. In the end it will all be worth the effort. I have 8 classes left, and I am looking forward to completing them and moving on to my graduate studies. Kristen will be working dillagently in growing her business and Jadelyn will keep reaching for the stars and get through her studies.

I want to wish all of my readers the happiest and joyful of new years. God Bless!!!